Travel through time with Pacheca

Viaje no tempo com a Pacheca

Located between the Valleys of the Douro River, on the banks of the village of Cambres, municipality of Lamego, is Quinta da Pacheca , a jewel highlighted in the first Pombaline demarcation of the region. As we delve into the history of this Quinta, we are transported to the 16th century, when its vineyards were an integral part of the Monasteries of Salzedas and São João de Tarouca, as witnessed in documents dated 1551.

It was precisely 268 years ago, in 1756, that Marquês de Pombal established the Companhia Geral da Agricultura das Vinhas do Alto Douro, a crucial milestone in the history of wine in Portugal, especially Port Wine . Despite being a State monopoly, the Company was made up of private shareholders, namely large Douro landowners and Porto negotiators, forming the well-known Port Wine aristocracy. Among these shareholders was João Pacheco Pereira, judge at Porto Customs, judge at Paço, councilor at Porto City Council and one of the most distinguished owners of Porto and the Douro Wine Region, producing, at the time, more than 300 barrels of wine. boarding.

João Pacheco Pereira, at that time, owned several farms and vineyards, one of them being Quinta de Tourais, called "Pachecos". During this period, the property already covered a vast area, today recognized as Quinta da Pacheca. A document dated April 1738 records the property under the name "Pacheca", being the first time recognized with a female name, revealing the strength and determination of Dona Mariana Pacheco Pereira, sister of João Pacheco Pereira and a unique woman who, At the time, she took care of the property alone.

The history of Quinta da Pacheca was intertwined with the creation of the first Demarcated Region for wine production in the world, established by Marquês de Pombal in 1756. As a curiosity, inside the Quinta, preserved as a historical treasure, there is a of the Pombaline landmarks, built in granite and with the inscription "feitoria". These landmarks, which demarcated the areas destined for the production of high quality wines, are silent witnesses of this beautiful era and were declared assets of national interest in the 1940s.

The turn of the 20th century brought a new phase to Quinta da Pacheca, when D. José Freire de Serpa Pimentel acquired the property in 1903. His vision and determination focused on modernizing the vineyards and structures, including eight granite tanks that , to this day, they are used for the vinification of Pacheca’s distinct red wines. This commitment resulted in limited annual productions of special wines, namely in the Vinhos Douro DOC and Vinhos do Porto categories.

When visiting the Quinta, we are guided by centuries of winemaking tradition, where every detail tells a story and each vineyard carries with it the legacy of one of the most prestigious properties in the Douro. It is a journey that transports us through time, connecting us to the roots of Portuguese winemaking, while appreciating the excellence that the Quinta continues to offer wine lovers from all over the world.

A toast to Pacheca?

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