Who we are

To treasure what is genuinely Portuguese, take care of our people and our land. This is what drives us.


The Terras & Terroir Group was born with the mission of valuing the heritage of Portugal and our roots, producing and bringing high quality products to consumers and creating unique experiences in the various regions of our country.

With properties from the north to the south of Portugal, the group is committed to revealing the historical, natural, wine and gastronomic potential of each location, through very authentic wine tourism programs that become an unforgettable brand for all who visit us.

From Trás-os-Montes to Alentejo, passing through Douro, Dão and Bairrada, the group's properties vary in size and have very own identities, maintaining, however, a transversal standard of quality in its services and products, ranging from hotels to events always accompanied by wines and local cuisine.

Our history

In 1999, in France, Maria do Céu Gonçalves and Paulo Pereira, two Portuguese entrepreneurs aware of the value of the unique products that Portugal produced, founded Agribéria.

It was at Agribéria - which quickly became the main importer of icons of Portuguese culture in France - that they were able to affirm the quality of Portuguese products.

On this challenging journey, they came across an investment opportunity in Quinta da Pacheca in 2012. And what started as a project for the production of quality wines, in 2013 extended, with the entry of Álvaro Lopes, to hotels and wine tourism .

In the Douro, the years that followed were filled with hard work, dedication and professionalism, reaching the size of an absolutely unavoidable project in the panorama of tourism and wines in Portugal.

Today, the direction of the Terras & Terroir group extends to other latitudes, taking the solid values ​​of seriousness, passion and appreciation of products to other regions such as Dão, Bairrada and Alentejo.

This is the legacy of more than two decades of dedication to the enhancement and preservation of Portuguese products.