The art of cultivating

Viticulture is one of the most important activities of the group, concentrating a large part of human effort and investment. It is one of the areas where the knowledge and dedication of the teams are most fundamental, as this is where the grapes that make up the wines that the group is so proud of come from. This is also the stage for the encounter between ancestral practices and the most modern technology.

The group's viticulture policy is based on a value that is reflected in the most diverse areas of its activity: respect for the identity of each region.

In order for us to have a viticulture that respects the environment, the history and the terroir of each project, the teams must be equipped with tools so that their intervention is just what is necessary to guarantee the good and healthy performance of the vines we have planted throughout the country . From the north to the south of the country, the grape varieties, the soil, the climatic conditions, the traditions change.

The common thread that unites everything is respect for the identity of each place and care for the vineyard to produce the best fruit to create the best wines, always with respect for the environment.