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As castas do Alentejo: Antão Vaz

The Alentejo grape varieties: Antão Vaz

Alentejo, a land of vast plains and a Mediterranean climate, is the birthplace of one of the region's most emblematic white grape varieties: Antão Vaz.

Viaje no tempo com a Pacheca

Travel through time with Pacheca

As we delve into the history of this Quinta, we are transported to the 16th century, when its vineyards were an integral part of the Monasteries of Salzedas and São João de Tarouca, as witnessed in...

5 programas românticos imperdíveis para o Valentine´s Day

5 unmissable romantic programs for Valentine's Day

From the charms of Trás-os-Montes to the Alentejo plains, passing through the Douro and Dão, the Terras & Terroir group presents an exclusive selection of romantic programs that promise to tran...

As Castas do Dão: Jaen

The Dão grape varieties: Jaen

Dão has several varieties of grape varieties that enrich the palate of wine lovers. Among them, the Jaen red grape deserves special attention.

Quem foi o Marquês de Pombal e qual a sua influência no Vinho do Porto?

Who was the Marquês de Pombal and what was his influence on Port Wine?

For many years, wine has stood out as a protagonist around the world, revealing itself as a unique expression between hard human work and nature. In this context, the main Portuguese figure who con...

As castas do Douro: Tinta Barroca

Douro grape varieties: Tinta Barroca

This variety, of great importance in the production of Portuguese wines, has a rich history, unique aromatic characteristics and a strong identity linked to the Douro terroir.

Essenciais para 2024: conheça a família de vinhos Caminhos Cruzados

Essentials for 2024: discover the Caminhos Cruzados wine family

Let's discover wines that follow their own paths and challenge traditional paradigms. In the vastness of the Dão slopes, the Caminhos Cruzados winery stands out not only for the quality of its wine...