The Dão grape varieties: Jaen

As Castas do Dão: Jaen

Dão is one of the most popular wine regions in Portugal, not only due to its unique terroir, but also due to its strong culture and tradition linked to the world of wine. Demarcated at the beginning of the 20th century, Dão became one of the first demarcated regions for non-liqueur wines in the Iberian Peninsula. This region produces several varieties of grape varieties that enrich the palate of wine lovers. Among them, the Jaen red grape deserves special attention.


This grape variety has a unique personality that translates into high quality wines. In Spain, Jaen is known as Mencía, a grape variety of mysterious origin, which was probably brought to the area of ​​the Hermínio mountains, currently Serra da Estrela, by pilgrims and monks of the Cistercian order, who made the journey to Santiago de Compostela. through the interior. For this reason, currently Jaen is mostly found in the Dão wine region, where it found its home in Portuguese lands and where it best expresses itself.


Jaen matures very early, being very productive, with low acidity and low alcohol content, in addition to showing little color extraction. Being very sensitive to rot and mildew, this variety is characterized by producing smooth and silky wines, with a high aromatic profile of red fruits, with notes of blueberries, blackberries and cherries. Its bunches are medium and delicately compact, with small, uniformly rounded black-blue berries. Its skin is slightly thick and the pulp is soft, which helps to offer wines with intense aromas and soft tannins, but of high quality.


Even though this variety develops masterfully in Dão, its versatility to different types of soil is interesting, with a preference for soils that are not humid, such as the granitic and schist soils of this region. For this reason, Jaen grows in drier and more temperate climates.

Due to its smoothness, wines produced from this variety harmonize perfectly with dishes based on pork and chicken, as well as being the ideal companion for international cuisines in which spicy notes stand out, such as Mexican or Asian cuisine. .

Jaen, intrinsically linked to the Dão region, reveals itself as one of the protagonists in the production of distinct and superior quality wines in the region. Its high aromatic potential and elegance, combined with its versatility at the table, enrich the Dão wine scene, providing wine lovers with an authentic and sophisticated sensory experience!


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