Wine styles: discover the perfect wine for this Christmas

Estilos de vinhos: descubra o vinho perfeito para este Natal

Christmas is almost upon us, and we know that choosing the right wine can make this season even more special. Between reds, whites, rosés and sparkling wines, the diversity of flavors offers a delicious challenge for those looking for the perfect combination for Christmas Eve!

Red Wines

The nuances of ripe fruits and earthy notes of red wines combine perfectly with traditional and typical dishes of this festive season. Wines with more structure are often associated with Alentejo and Douro, where the climate helps the grapes ripen. The soft tannins of this style of wine contribute to its versatility in pairings, with the grape varieties most closely related to these wines being Touriga Nacional and Aragonez, which are great varieties to accompany red meat and lamb dishes. The most elegant red wines are associated with the Dão wine region, but also the Douro, being versatile wines for any time of year and which go very well with cheeses and red meat.

White Wines

Anyone who thinks that white wines are exclusively for summer is wrong. At Christmas, these fresh and fruity wines can surprise and accompany Christmas meals very well. The younger and fresher wines have floral and citrus notes, fruity aromas and striking acidity, great for pairing with seafood starters, salads and fish dishes. On the other hand, there are white wines with more structure, exhibiting a light wood flavor, due to their fermentation process in oak barrels, with great aging potential and which go very well with more gastronomic dishes, typical of Portuguese cuisine.

Rosé wine

When it comes to rosé wines, delicacy and charm are their hallmarks, perfect for brightening up the Christmas table. These wines, with their rosé tone, combine freshness and elegance, displaying different fruity aromas. Its versatility is charming, allowing for delicious pairings, from lighter dishes, such as grilled salmon, mixed salads with seasonal fruits, to even a distinct combination with traditional Christmas dishes, such as roast turkey. Generally, these wines have balanced acidity and great versatility. Its refreshing presence is ideal for celebrating special moments with those we love most.

Sparkling Wines

Nothing captures the festive essence quite like sparkling wines. They bring celebrations to life by offering a wide variety of flavors and styles to make every toast memorable. From examples with delicate bubbles and vibrant freshness, to the most elegant and refined, sparkling wines are a classic choice for festive seasons! Its effervescent characteristic brings relaxation and vibrant aromas to the palate, even enhancing the flavor of desserts.

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In each style of wine, there is an invitation to connect with the Christmas spirit, highlighting the flavors of the typical dishes of this season and immortalizing the moments in a toast! When preparing the table for Christmas Eve, remember to select meals and wines that will transform each moment into something unique!

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