Celebrate Christmas like never before: 3 exclusive gift tips from Herdade da Rocha

Celebre o Natal como nunca: 3 dicas de presentes exclusivos da Herdade da Rocha

The Christmas season is a magical time, where hearts are warmed by the generosity and joy of giving gifts to our loved ones. It's a time of tradition, gratitude and sharing. Therefore, Herdade da Rocha suggests 3 incredible gift tips, full of distinct aromas and flavors, which guarantee a true sensory experience!

Christmas vouchers

For lovers of unique and differentiated experiences, there is no better gift than offering vouchers. Each voucher is an invitation to explore, learn and taste the fascinating world of wine. Whether for experienced enthusiasts or wine lovers, Rocha vouchers are open doors to relaxing sensory experiences full of aromas, the perfect gift to celebrate the magic of Christmas! From options for elegant stays Boutique Lodge to guided tours and wine tasting, offer Alentejo as the perfect setting to celebrate special moments!

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Wine Sets

As the days get shorter and the joy of Christmas sets in, it's the perfect time to suggest irresistible gift tips to celebrate this season of sharing and affection! With a selection of Alentejo wines, the producer invites wine lovers to dive into a world of aromas and flavors distinct from its exclusive Christmas packs. Each bottle is a testimony to the care and dedication experienced in each harvest, reflecting the unique essence of the Alentejo terroir! From the smooth and fruity to the most complex and elegant, each set is a sensorial journey through the land and tradition, with wines that pair perfectly with special moments between loved ones. This Christmas, offer Rocha!

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A Special Dinner

In addition to vouchers and different wine sets, Rocha suggests a memorable enogastronomic experience! A special dinner at the charming Boutique Lodge, a refuge that offers sensory experiences and various wine tourism activities. Every year, the producer wishes to share the Christmas spirit with its visitors, friends and family, and for this reason, it could not fail to suggest a unique celebration and a gift to be enjoyed with special people! With two delicious menus, accompanied by a selection of Alentejo wines, all in a truly welcoming and dynamic environment, perfect for creating memories with the best that Alentejo has to offer!

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Christmas dinner

The vouchers, Christmas sets and the relaxing atmosphere of the Boutique Lodge represent an invitation to moments of sharing, love and connection. May this Christmas awaken smiles, warm hugs, moments that last forever in the heart and of course, be full of different experiences and good wines!

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