Bairrada: Wines, Terroir and Tradition

Bairrada: Vinhos, Terroir e Tradição

Portugal, home to exceptional wines and stunning wine regions, offers a unique tapestry of flavors and traditions. Among these regions is Bairrada , a territory that embraces not only the history, but also the soul of Portuguese wines. In this region, the soil, the selected grape varieties, the temperate climate and other nuances merge to create distinct and fascinating wines.

Between the sea and the mountains lies the Bairrada wine region, a region made up of very fertile land. The wine tradition is rooted in Bairrada, dating back to ancient times, having made significant progress over the centuries. However, it was only in the 19th century that this territory became a region producing high quality wines and sparkling wines.

The Terroir of Bairradino

Terroir is the essence that gives character to the wines of a region. In Bairrada, the soil is rich and diverse, a mixture of clay, limestone and sand. This unique combination offers fertile soil, suitable for growing vineyards. The undulating terrain and proximity to the Atlantic Ocean guarantee an important influence on the region's microclimate, giving the wines remarkable freshness and complexity. The temperate Atlantic climate positively influences the development of vineyards. Moderate summers and mild winters offer an ideal environment for the slow ripening of grapes, allowing balanced maturation and safeguarding their natural acidity. In addition to these factors, the sea breeze directly influences the aromatic complexity of the wines and sparkling wines produced there, giving them freshness and great character.

Main Varieties

The region is famous for its indigenous grape varieties, with emphasis on Baga, the queen grape of Bairrada. This red variety has good productivity and offers robust and very elegant wines, with striking tannins and excellent aging capacity. The typical aromas of wild fruits, black plums, coffee and sometimes tobacco guarantee a strong presence on the palate. Touriga Nacional is also very present in the Bairradino terroir, along with its abundance of aromas such as wild fruits, violets and other floral aromas, which add distinct nuances to the region's wines. In terms of white grape varieties, Arinto, Maria Gomes, one of the most cultivated varieties in Portugal, and Bical stand out, producing fresh, mineral and very delicate wines.

Bairradinos wines have a striking identity. The reds, dominated by Baga, display a deep and intense color, aromas of ripe red fruits, earthy notes and spices, in addition to presenting a firm and balanced structure. The white wines, made with the region's indigenous grape varieties, reveal refreshing acidity, citrus, floral and mineral aromas, ideal for accompanying seafood dishes, fresh fish and salads.

For reds, we suggest our Ortigão Reserva Tinto , a wine produced from the Baga and Touriga Nacional grape varieties. This wine has a very defined garnet color, as well as an intense aroma of red fruits and toasted nuances, harmonizing perfectly with red meats and soft cheeses.

Ortigão Reserva Red

As for the whites, we chose to suggest our Ortigão Quatro Dezisseis , a 100% Arinto wine, produced from vineyards located in the heart of Bairrada. Its delicate and complex aromas range from ripe white-fleshed fruit to light toasted notes. In the mouth it is dry, tense and displays precise acidity, as well as being deep and very enveloping! It pairs perfectly with baked fish dishes, lamb and even soft cheeses.


Bairrada, with its rich and diverse terroir, is an oenological treasure that deserves to be explored. Its wines express the dedication of more than 2,500 local producers, the centuries-old tradition and the authenticity of a region that reinvents itself with each harvest.

A toast to Bairrada, where each bottle tells a story wrapped in aromas and flavors that captivate wine lovers around the world!

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