Best enogastronomic experiences in Portugal

Melhores experiências enogastronómicas em Portugal

As we approach the end of the year, traditions and flavors intertwine to create a unique atmosphere of celebration. It is a time when tables are filled with comforting aromas and palates are delighted with various traditional delicacies. For wine lovers, this is the perfect time to dive into enogastronomic experiences that highlight the charms of this festive season.

The Terras & Terroir project restaurants, spread from North to South of Portugal, offer different experiences that combine the best wines with dishes prepared by very talented chefs!

Olive Restaurant, Quinta Dona Adelaide

Located in the Trás-os-Montes region, in Valpaços, the Olive Restaurant at Quinta Dona Adelaide offers the best of regional cuisine, in an environment characterized by modernity and relaxation. Chef Adão Costa combines his knowledge with the delicious range of Trás-os-Montes products, such as olive oil and chestnuts, presenting a menu carefully selected for perfect pairing. Regional sausages such as alheiras, salpicão and sausage are just a few of the restaurant's various specialties, which make each dish a true translation of comfort and a lot of tradition!

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The Wine House Restaurant, Quinta da Pacheca

In the heart of the Douro Valley, close to Peso da Régua, is The Wine House Restaurant , located in Quinta da Pacheca . The restaurant presents a varied and tempting menu, respecting the concept of traditional Portuguese cuisine by using typical products from the Douro region. The restaurant is, in itself, worthy of a visit and an enriching gastronomic experience. With an elegant, modern and sober decor, the main room was designed to embrace the river with the view and savor one of the best offerings in the region. The resident Chef, Carlos Pires, dedicates himself to the kitchen with a lot of passion and dedication to provide the most delicious meals!

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Wine and Food, Caminhos Cruzados

In the heart of Dão, the Caminhos Cruzados wine producer offers a distinct and traditional enogastronomic experience. For those looking for meals full of comfort and flavor, Chef Miguel Vidal offers what he promises. His cuisine brings authenticity to the table with endogenous ingredients, however, he sprinkles his knowledge and learning from various countries, to offer a true journey of flavors! At the producer, the inviting environment combines with the desire to create a memorable experience that celebrates the region's beautiful cuisine!

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Boutique Lodge, Herdade da Rocha

In Vila do Crato, the Boutique Lodge conveys the true essence of Alentejo. The unit's restaurant is concerned with the comfort and experience of its guests, providing traditional Alentejo meals, with a variety of regional dishes marked by their freshness and flavors in particular. Chef Adelina Coimbra works hard to offer an exemplary service, as well as suggesting irresistible dishes, such as lamb ribs with potato and vegetable roll, cod and chickpea bread and much more!

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Adega Restaurant, Ribafreixo Wines

Further south, in flat Vidigueira, a privileged terroir recognized for producing distinct and elegant wines, is Restaurante da Adega , at Ribafreixo Wines . The restaurant offers a panoramic view over the producer's vineyards and offers typical Alentejo meals. With dedication and passion for cooking, the resident Chef, Natércia Fialho, prepares dishes inspired by the region and rich in traditional flavors. The restaurant is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday, with the kitchen open from 12pm to 3pm and Saturday for dinner from 7pm to 10pm for everyone looking for memorable enogastronomic experiences!

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Among different experiences, the Terras & Terroir project offers memorable enogastronomic programs that reflect the essence of each wine region. In addition to offering traditional and comfortable meals, the wines from each producer harmonize perfectly with the dishes prepared, offering a true explosion of flavors on the palate!

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