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Dyed and opaque in the center with dark red rim. The nose is full and very elegant with complex black fruit, fresh notes of menthol, eucalyptus and violet. In the mouth there is an explosion of wild fruit with firm but elegant tannins. Fresh and with an intensity that promises a long life.

The grapes come from the oldest vineyards of Quinta da Pacheca with an average age of 60 years where the traditional Douro grape varieties predominate.

The 2018 viticultural year was characterized by very low production due to an initial year of extreme drought, where there was almost no rain in the autumn and winter and the spring was extremely wet and cold. Germination occurred with a delay of about 3 weeks. The months from March to June had above-average precipitation that kept the vegetative cycle delayed until the maturation period, but replaced the levels of water in the soil that were available to the plants. However, periods of intense rain and some weather phenomena caused a great loss of production, which in some vineyards was total. Maturation took place in dry and very hot weather. Harvesting began in early September for the white grape varieties and in mid-September (12-15) for the red ones. The good weather that lasted until the end of the harvest meant that everything went well with the grapes entering the cellar in good condition, resulting in balanced musts and consequently very good quality wines.

It should be served slightly chilled (16ºC - 18ºC) and accompanied by cheese or dark chocolate and red fruit desserts.


Contains sulphites - Contains sulphites