Terras & Terroir present at Essência do Vinho in Lisbon

Terras & Terroir presente na Essência do Vinho em Lisboa

Between the 4th and 6th of November, the latest edition of the Essência do Vinho event took place at the Lisbon Congress Center, with the participation of more than 4 thousand national and international wines.

This event is a reference and has become part of the "main Wine experience in Portugal". The event was attended by more than 28 nationalities including visitors, oenologists and wine producers, in addition to providing diverse sensory experiences, conversations with sommeliers and commented tastings.

The Terras & Terroir Group was part of this history and stood out with its diversity of producers and wines. From full-bodied reds to fresh and aromatic whites, the range of options promoted, with wines from Quinta da Pacheca , Quinta do Ortigão , Caminhos Cruzados , Ribafreixo Wines and Herdade da Rocha , was able to take visitors on a sensorial journey through tastings and sharing of knowledge. In addition to this experience, the Group took with it its rich winemaking tradition and expressed its immense passion for Portugal's terroirs, sharing its history through each bottle and respect for the biodiversity of each producer in the production process of their wines.

The highlight was the commented tasting of Quinta da Pacheca's Vale de Abraão wine, a vertical tasting from 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019, where the producer's winemakers, Maria Serpa Pimentel and João Silva e Sousa, shared the entire journey of this wine iconic over the years. The evolution of Vale de Abraão over the years was remarkable and impressive, revealing an enormous potential for bottle aging. Without a doubt, this was a highlight of the event!

This event, which attracts wine lovers and professionals from around the world, is renowned for showcasing an exclusive selection of wine producers, providing everyone with an opportunity to explore this world and experience a wide variety of aromas and flavors.

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