RTP takes viewers on a wine tourism journey at Caminhos Cruzados

RTP leva espetadores a uma viagem enoturística na Caminhos Cruzados
On the 19th, the Caminhos Cruzados winery, in Dão, opened its doors to the RTP team and participated in three live shows for the Praça da Alegria program, providing a spontaneous and genuine vision of the world of wine and the traditions that surround it. . Reporter José Manuel Monteiro, nationally recognized as Zé Manel, visited the winery and the idyllic setting that surrounds the property, while he enjoyed the wine tourism activities offered there.

Participation in the direct contributed to the promotion of harvesting as a wine tourism program, where anyone can have the experience of harvesting and get to know this long-rooted tradition in an authentic way. Furthermore, the visit highlighted harvesting in its professional aspect and demonstrated how this process occurs, as well as its main characteristics.

Discover 3 harvest programs at Caminhos Cruzados

In a third moment, the reporter had the opportunity to participate in one of the winery's most interesting experiences, the “Aroma Game”, an activity for children and adults, which allows participants to test their ability to identify wine aromas. In this experience, visitors have fun while developing their sense of smell in the different aromas of the region's grape varieties.

The visit not only provided an enriching insight into the world of wines, but also highlighted Caminhos Cruzados as an authentic family winery, where each wine tourism program is testimony to the winery's ongoing commitment to sharing its wealth of experiences and, of course, flavors.

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