New Vintage Port 2021 hits the market

Novo Porto Vintage 2021 chega ao mercado

Quinta da Pacheca presents to the market the launch of the new 2021 Vintage Port, marking a tradition of oenological excellence that dates back to its first Vintage, produced in 2000 with a limited production of 5000 bottles.

Under the hands of winemaker Maria Serpa Pimentel, all Vintages bear the professional's signature, being recognized as the maximum exponent of Port Wine.

Originating from a plot of old vines, dating back to 1940, located in Bico do Poço, this wine is the result of a meticulous production process, which prioritizes quality over quantity. With a production of just 6600 bottles, Vintage 2021 stands out for its unique concentration in color, aroma and texture, the result of a creation that only materializes in years in which climatic conditions provide the ideal scenario for its production, ensuring the excellence that defines it.

Recognized for its longevity in the bottle, this wine displays remarkable aging potential. In the first five years, it reveals itself as a young Vintage, appearing vigorous and intense. However, its true splendor reveals itself over time, as it ages with a lot of personality after 30 to 40 years, becoming softer and more elegant. It should be served slightly chilled, between 16-18ºC, and accompanied by cheese or dark chocolate and red fruit desserts, guaranteeing an explosion of flavors in the mouth.

The new 2021 Vintage Port is the authentic translation of the Douro and the expression of a passionate and traditional work, which captures the essence and unique quality of Quinta da Pacheca .

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