Caminhos Cruzados launches new Teixuga

Caminhos Cruzados lança novo Teixuga

Caminhos Cruzados has just launched the newest Teixuga , named after the farm, which in turn was named because of the fact that many badgers roam there.

It was in 2013 that the producer made the first Teixuga, paying full attention to the farm's old vines combined with the knowledge, experience and creativity of the winemakers to create a unique wine.

With very limited editions, the Teixuga White 2019, with just 1400 bottles, and the Teixuga Red 2018, with 2600, reach the market at their ideal point of consumption.

It is a pair of wines that represent the great Dão through the "eyes" and "hands" of Caminhos Cruzados . It reveals an interpretation of the region's queen grape varieties, Encruzado and Touriga Nacional, which, sprinkled with the remaining varieties from its old vines, show the great power of Dão, embraced by granite soils, mountains and rivers.

Two wines full of history and personality arrive on the market. Two wines that you can't miss at Christmas, whether at the table or to surprise your favorite wine lover.

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