Douro grape varieties: Tinta Barroca

As castas do Douro: Tinta Barroca

Among the beautiful terraces of the Douro, the vineyards are lost on the horizon! It is in this scenario that one of the many oenological treasures of this privileged region lives, the Tinta Barroca grape variety. This variety, of great importance in the production of Portuguese wines, has a rich history, unique aromatic characteristics and a strong identity linked to the Douro terroir.

Tinta Barroca is one of the most cultivated grape varieties in the Douro wine region, occupying a large part of its vineyards. The history of this variety dates back to ancient times in Portuguese viticulture, being recognized for its adaptability and essential role in the production of world-renowned Port Wines.

This grape found its home in the Douro, where it finds the ideal conditions in the drained soils to thrive masterfully. With medium and delicately compact berries, Tinta Barroca reveals an early maturity, which is an advantage in more specific climates, which are cool and have moderate altitude or even higher terrain, especially when they are grown further north. . On the other hand, this variety also resists milder climates, which influences its aromatic expression and the quality of the wines produced. Its resistance to diseases and pests has made it very popular among wine producers around the country, being considered an easy-to-grow and very productive variety.

The wines produced from Tinta Barroca are known for displaying a palette of distinct aromas. Its wines are of quality and generous, mostly with good alcohol concentration and medium acidity. Its color in both younger and older wines remains ruby, demonstrating strong personality and elegance. Its aromas have floral notes and a light touch of red fruits, and may contain some spices. Known for being present in Port Wines, this variety is widely used in blends, that is, wines produced from a mixture of different types of grape varieties, each with its own particularities, resulting in rich wines with a diversity of aromas. .

As a curiosity, in addition to Tinta Barroca thriving in the Douro region, this grape variety started to develop very well in South Africa, brought from Portugal at the beginning of the 20th century, being widely used in blends and even in varietal wines. .

Our suggestion for wines with this variety is Pacheca Porto Pink, a vibrant Port wine full of personality. This pink wine is produced from the Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barroca, Touriga Nacional and Mourisco grape varieties, exhibiting an intense color and fruity aromas with notes of red fruits, such as cherries and raspberries. In the mouth, it is fresh, with great acidity and delicate notes of cherry and grapefruit. This Port is ideal to be consumed chilled and as an aperitif, as well as being ideal for cocktails on the hottest summer days!

This variety, as one of the noble grapes of the Douro, plays a vital role in the production of various wines and the iconic Port wines. With its history, striking sensory characteristics and unique adaptability, Tinta Barroca continues to delight wine lovers from all over the world, guaranteeing a prominent place in the national wine landscape.

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