Ribafreixo Wines

Ribafreixo Wines

Ribafreixo Wines is a wine project consisting of 114 hectares of which around 75ha are vineyards in Integrated Production and located in Vidigueira, a DOC sub-region of Alentejo with a great tradition in the production of wines with more than 2000 years of history. The perfect microclimate, with hot and dry days in the summer, but relatively cool nights, tempered by the Atlantic winds that Serra do Mendro brings to us, combined with the shale soils and a clear commitment to Portuguese and indigenous grape varieties in the region, provide a unique freshness and minerality to the wines that we carefully create here in Vidigueira.

In the white varieties we have Antão Vaz, an indigenous variety from Vidigueira, Arinto, Verdelho, Alvarinho and Syria and finally, Chenin Blanc, a variety originally from the Loire Valley brought to Portugal by the hands of the founder of Ribafreixo in search of differentiation and exclusivity. In the red varieties, we have Alicante Bouschet, a dyeing variety of French origin, but adopted by the Alentejo over a hundred years ago, and the Portuguese varieties Touriga Nacional, Alfrocheiro, Tinta Miuda and Aragonez.

Among the extensive vineyards of Ribafreixo Wines, at the highest point of the estate, the winery leaves no one indifferent, with its contemporary lines, wide area and illuminated by natural light. The winery is located in a 4000 m² building with bioclimatic architecture, designed to use gravity in the various stages of production, comprising: a winemaking area, with stainless steel vats, oak vats and specialized vacuum presses; aging area, with French oak barrels and resting wine bottles; bottling and labeling line; cold chambers and a panoramic laboratory center to control and supervise all operations.

On the top floor of the cellar, there is a cozy area dedicated to wine tourism, which includes the cellar restaurant, tasting area, leisure area and wine shop. Those who visit our estate always want to come back, whether for its majestic beauty, the friendliness of those who welcome them or the unique aromas of Alentejo, present in the gastronomy and wine produced here.

The wines produced at Ribafreixo meet all Vegan conditions and have the Vegan symbol on the bottles, being certified by The Vegan Society.

Ribafreixo Wines is located in Vidigueira, an Alentejo region with over 2000 years of history in the art of making wine. The ideal microclimate for the vineyards combined with the shale soils and a clear commitment to Portuguese and indigenous grape varieties in the region create the perfect terroir for unique wines that stand out for their freshness, minerality and longevity.