Located close to the coast, in the Center-North of the country, the wine region of Bairrada has a rich history and tradition, full of characteristics that form a unique identity.


Bairrada's winemaking tradition goes back centuries, from the 10th century. However, the region was only officially demarcated for the production of wines in 1979, starting, from then on, to a new story when it was certified with the Denomination of Origin Controlled (DOC).

Climate and Soil

The region is privileged with an Atlantic climate, thanks to its proximity to the sea, where winters are rainy and mild, while summers are sunny and cool, always accompanied by frequent winds from the coast, being very favorable for the cultivation of vines.

Its soils, rich in clay and limestone and, in some places, in sandy soils, give the wines a unique minerality, resulting in fresh and elegant wines, marked by soft tannins.


The main variety used to produce the wines is Baga, a local variety produced in more than 50% of the vineyards in the region.

Its bunches are small and its maturation is slow, guaranteeing the wine a dark color, intense aromas and a great aging potential. Also, this variety is characterized by being extremely delicate and needs optimal sun exposure.

Authentic sparkling wines

The region is famous for being a pioneer in the production of sparkling wines in Portugal, which are produced in a classic way, further enhancing the region's tradition and corresponding to more than half of the national production.

The grape varieties most used for the production of sparkling wines, in addition to Baga, are Maria Gomes – rich in aromas and very versatile – Bical – typical of the region, which gives a unique acidity to the wines – and Arinto – which is characterized for creating the perfect balance between acidity and alcohol, resulting in citrus and fruity aromas.


The Bairrada region is known for its beautiful landscapes, peculiar gastronomy marked by Bairrada roast suckling pig, wines and sparkling wines. As a result of this, the region also includes the Bairrada School of Viticulture and Enology, to teach young people and safeguard its ancestral tradition.