Quinta da Pacheca launches special edition of Pacheca Porto Tawny 50 years dedicated to the 25th of April

Quinta da Pacheca lança edição especial do Pacheca Porto Tawny 50 anos dedicada ao 25 de Abril

The Douro, birthplace of wines that are true jewels of Portuguese viticulture and stories that mark generations, presents us with a special edition of Pacheca Porto Tawny 50 years old . This edition celebrates the 50th anniversary of the April Revolution, a milestone of liberation for Portugal. Dedicated to Freedom, she praises the art and tradition that have shaped her character over the years.

With a unique composition, the result of a blend of indigenous Douro grape varieties, Pacheca Porto Tawny 50 years awakens the senses with a complex aroma of dried fruits, caramel, vanilla and chocolate, inviting us on an unforgettable sensorial journey.

On the palate, this Tawny is soft and silky, a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity. The result? A long and elegant aftertaste. In addition to being a work of oenological art, this special edition carries a symbolic meaning, immortalizing one of the most important moments in the history of Portugal.

Offered, as a form of tribute, to personalities who were linked to the liberating impetus of April 25, 1974, with emphasis on João Soares, son of Mário Soares, one of the faces of democracy, as well as Colonel Manuel Pedroso Marques, one of the participants in military action against the dictatorship, and journalist Manuel Saraiva. Each bottle is a tribute to the spirit of freedom and democracy that shaped the country's contemporary history, reflecting the commitment to the values ​​that Quinta da Pacheca defends.


The excellence of this wine did not go unnoticed by the most prestigious critics of the specialty. With 96 points awarded by Wine Advocate and praise from Mark Squires, a world-renowned wine critic, Pacheca Porto Tawny 50 years old promises to bring a true sensorial experience to the palate.

We immortalize history and celebrate the oenological excellence that characterizes Quinta da Pacheca with this special edition, produced with great pride!
It is a living testimony to the talent and dedication of our producers, as well as being a tribute to all the personalities who were involved in the liberation movement of April 25, 1974.

Let's toast to Freedom, Democracy and the Art of living well that Douro offers us in every bottle!

Discover Pacheca Porto Tawny 50 years old here

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