The Terras e Terroir Group is the entrepreneurial expression of fascination and passion for the world of wines.

O Grupo Terras e Terroir é a expressão empresarial do fascínio e da paixão pelo mundo dos vinhos.

Vinícola do Dão joins Quinta da Pacheca and Quinta São José do Barrilário and gives rise to the formation of a new business group linked to wines and wine tourism

Entrepreneurs Paulo Pereira and the couple Maria do Céu and Álvaro Lopes, have just invested in a new project, linked to the world of viticulture, with the acquisition of the company Caminhos Cruzados , a producer of Beirão wines based in Nelas. With this business, the entrepreneurs founded the Terras e Terroir Group , which also became part of the Douro-based Quinta da Pacheca , in Lamego, and Quinta de São José do Barrilário , in Armamar.

From the Douro to the Dão, the world of viticulture has for some years now become one of the great passions of Maria do Céu, her husband Álvaro Lopes, as well as her partner Paulo Pereira, united by business since 1999.

After acquiring Quinta da Pacheca in 2012 and Quinta de São José do Barrilário in 2017, the entrepreneurs are now embarking on a new 'journey'. “We have a real passion for products of Portuguese origin and for everything that is most genuine in our country, and one of those things is wine, centuries old linked to our history and our roots”, say the businessmen, adding that with the investment done now at Caminhos Cruzados “we intend to create synergies between the Group companies, as well as extend our economic and technical know-how to other regions of the country, which are also famous for the quality of their wines and terroir ”.

With a well-assembled and consolidated distribution network, both nationally and in the foreign market, the owners of the Terras e Terroir Group understand that they can offer Caminhos Cruzados “a more professional management model, some financial slack and an integrated project that will to cement the position of the brands in the market”. Despite the more economic aspect having to be present, the entrepreneurs emphasize that “without passion everything is more difficult and this, being an attractive business, also represents a challenge, since we want family businesses to continue, with their own identity, history, tradition, culture and values”.

A large part of the current Caminhos Cruzados team, around 15 people in total, will remain, so the transition will take place easily and without major constraints.

“We have a business history of sharing, of creating real teams and we soon realized that this was going to be possible, where beyond the competence of people and the family environment there is a great desire to create innovative projects, capable of being a reference in their regions” , add the aforementioned entrepreneurs.

The Terras e Terroir Group thus gives a corporate body to the passion that Paulo Pereira and the couple Maria do Céu and Álvaro Lopes feel for the fantastic world of wines, vineyards or wine tourism, a passion that extends to several regions where nectars count the stories of a people.

“We have always believed in our companies, in our management, in our brands, and, of course, in our team”, say the directors of the Terras e Terroir Group , who will remain attentive to new opportunities in other regions of the country, where their values ​​can be implemented and create wealth, always respecting authenticity, roots and traditions.

“For now, we are going to work to help give the Dão region the status it deserves, depositing all our enthusiasm and knowledge in the ' Caminhos Cruzados ' project”, conclude the administrators.


About Terras e Terroir Group

The Terras e Terroir Group is the business expression of the fascination and passion for the world of wines of the group of investors formed by Paulo Pereira and the couple Maria do Céu and Álvaro Lopes. These Portuguese entrepreneurs, with joint projects in Portugal and France since 1999, began by investing in the viticulture business, in the heart of the Douro Wine Region. The business model they imprint on their projects quickly resulted in recognition and commercial success. With the acquisition of the Caminhos Cruzados winery, in December 2020, the entrepreneurs founded the Terras e Terroir Group , which became part of the wine and wine tourism properties.

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