A gastronomic journey through Terras & Terroir

Uma viagem gastronómica pelo Terras & Terroir

Today, October 16th, we celebrate International Food Day! A date that invites us to reflect on the importance of food and to value the flavors and culinary traditions that shape our identity. In Portugal, and especially in Terras & Terroir, this day is more than special, as it represents the opportunity to praise the richness of our gastronomy and the beautiful cultural heritage that we carry through generations.

Portugal is blessed with an incredible variety of ingredients, culinary techniques and typical dishes that are true gastronomic treasures. From cod with cream to roasted sardines, including suckling pig from Bairrada and the delicious Alentejo Açordas, we have a wealth of options that delight palates around the world.

The Gastronomy of Trás-os-Montes

In this beautiful mountainous region in the northeast of Portugal, the gastronomy is rich and very diverse, reflecting its unique identity and the region's climatic and geographical conditions.

The Trás-os-Montes region is marked by local gastronomy, known for producing a variety of high quality products such as olive oil, wine, sausages, cheeses, honey and chestnuts. The region has a strong agricultural and pastoral tradition, which contributes to its cuisine.

Due to the abundance of areas dedicated to hunting in the region, game dishes are a striking feature of Trás-os-Montes cuisine, which offers highly prepared wild boar, partridge and rabbit dishes.

At Quinta Dona Adelaide 's Restaurant, Olive Nature Restaurant , we offer a variety of delicious dishes that convey the perfect combination of innovation and tradition, with several fresh ingredients from the region. Here, Chef Adão Costa reinvents himself and makes several Trás-os-Montes delicacies that leave anyone asking for more!

Douro Gastronomy

One of the most renowned wine regions in Portugal and the world, the Douro presents itself as a great option for lovers of Douro and Portuguese cuisine. This region is famous for the production of high-quality wines, olive oils and almonds, which play a central role in its gastronomy. Furthermore, Douro and Port wines are combined with various local dishes.

Due to the proximity of the Douro River and its tributaries, Douro cuisine features an abundance of fish dishes, such as river trout prepared in different ways. In addition to fish, meat also has a special place on Douro menus. Dishes such as duck rice and roast lamb are expertly prepared and paired with regional wines.

At The Wine House Restaurant at Quinta da Pacheca , Chef Carlos Pires offers a varied and highly tempting menu, respecting the concept of traditional Portuguese cuisine. In the restaurant, the use of typical Douro products is what brings almost divine inspirations, to deliver the best of flavors. Each meal is accompanied by the exceptional wines of Quinta da Pacheca, highlighting the diversity of aromas.

The Gastronomy of Dão

Located in central Portugal, the Dão wine region is a celebration of authentic flavors that harmonize with its exceptional wines. Dão's gastronomy is based on fresh, seasonal local ingredients. Cod is an essential food in Portuguese cuisine, and Dão is no different. Dishes like Bacalhau com Broa are very common in the region. In addition, cheeses from Serra da Estrela are also present, due to their proximity to the Serra, these sheep's cheeses are soft and creamy, often served with bread.

In the enogastronomy program at Caminhos Cruzados , in Nelas, tradition is the main inspiration for Chef Miguel Vidal. Comfort and a welcoming atmosphere come together with the desire to create unique experiences through dishes that celebrate Dão gastronomy. Among various house specialties, the Chef is recognized for using endogenous ingredients and bringing authenticity and a lot of tradition to the table.

Bairrada Gastronomy


Close to the coast of Portugal, Bairrada's gastronomy is the translation of the region's rich history and culinary heritage. Bairrada is especially known for its pork-based delicacies and, of course, for its renowned sparkling wines, which go very well with local dishes.

One of the most emblematic specialties of the region is Leitão à Bairrada, a dish that consists of young suckling pigs roasted in a wood oven, which gives the meat a crispy skin and a unique flavor. This dish is often accompanied by French fries and fresh vegetables, resulting in a memorable combination of flavors.

Other regional products include Pão da Mealhada, Arroz de Lampreia and delicious conventual sweets, capable of taking anyone on a journey of flavors.

Bairrada gastronomy is a celebration of ingredients with a lot of history, combined with traditional techniques, a true feast for the senses and a testament to the richness of Portuguese culinary culture.

Alentejo Gastronomy

In the south of Portugal, Alentejo gastronomy is an essential part of Portuguese culture, standing out for its richness, simplicity and very authentic flavors. This region is known for the production of olive oil, wine, cork, aromatic herbs and pork, as well as several other local products.

Bread is the protagonist in this cuisine, being present in practically all Alentejo meals. Wheat bread is dense and often used to make soups, such as the famous Açorda Alentejana, a soup made with bread, garlic, coriander and olive oil, generally served with eggs and cod. In addition to the sausages, pork also stands out. Carne de Porco à Alentejana, a dish with fried pork, clams, potatoes and delicious spices, is one of the most famous dishes in Portugal, found in several restaurants throughout the country.

In Vila do Crato, the Herdade da Rocha Restaurant stands out for being deliciously Alentejo. The environment is an invitation to take a journey through the typical flavors and aromas of the region, where the ingredients are carefully prepared by the talented hands of Chef Adelina Coimbra. Furthermore, the Restaurant has its own organic garden, very well cared for to create meals full of flavor and tradition.

Further south in Vidigueira, at the Adega Ribafreixo Wines Restaurant , Chef Natércia Fialho is dedicated to exploring authentic Alentejo cuisine through traditional and very cozy meals. Here, the priority is to use fresh, high-quality products that convey the rich flavors of the region, unfolding under the “land to table” concept.

Portugal undoubtedly has a very rich gastronomy with traditional bases. From north to south, passing through Dão and Bairrada, Terras & Terroir restaurants are proud to be able to take traditional food from different regions all over the world. On this day of celebration, we invite everyone to enjoy the authentic flavors of Portugal and recognize the efforts of everyone who is part of history to preserve and share our gastronomic traditions!

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