A Spa with wine-based treatments? The Vineyard SPA at Quinta da Pacheca offers the best of both worlds

Um Spa com tratamentos à base de vinho? O Vineyard SPA da Quinta da Pacheca oferece o melhor destes dois mundos

In fact, there is nothing more relaxing than a Spa for those looking for unique moments of tranquility and well-being. It is in this context that the Vineyard Spa at Quinta da Pacheca emerges as one of the best leisure options in its range of experiences, providing a sophisticated and memorable stay for its visitors.

Between body and facial treatments, massages and beauty rituals, Quinta da Pacheca innovates its techniques and integrates in its treatments a new range of products from the prestigious brand Vinoble Cosmetics, with highly effective ingredients based on grapes, combining natural and sustainable ingredients . In addition, Vinoble Cosmetics products are considered environmentally friendly, being registered as vegan products in the Vegan Society.

The grape, protagonist of the emblematic wines, now expands to another dimension, revealing itself as a great ally to the skin. The most important ingredients used by Vinoble Cosmetics products are OPC, considered twenty times stronger than Vitamin C, Resveratrol, a form of natural botox, revealing itself as an excellent antioxidant, in the same way that it stimulates the collagen synthesis of skin, grape seed oil, capable of producing a strong regenerating effect, and the grape stem cells themselves, serving as a natural UV protection.

To innovate its experiences, the Vineyard Spa has added new signature treatments to its range, such as the Pacheca Red Grape Bath for two (120 min) , a complete and unique ritual to be experienced as a couple, which begins with a “bath of grapes”, so that the body relaxes in the water and is taken to travel through the vineyards of the Douro. This is followed by a relaxing massage, with grapeseed oil that is easily absorbed and has a strong regenerating effect, thanks to its high content of linoleic acid. Due to the polyphenols and tocopherols it contains, it also has a strong antioxidant and protective effect. This magnificent experience ends with a D'Wine Facial, where the result will be intensely nourished and relaxed skin, with a fresh look and an incredible feeling. During this experience, two wine tastings are carried out, one in the bathtub and the other in the final moment.

The Vineyard Grape Experience (90 min) invites us to embark on a sensorial journey with a moisturizing wrap, with two high quality natural oils of grape seed and hazelnut, which will relieve tension in the muscles and nourish the skin, together with the rosemary and arnica extracts that promote the metabolism of the skin, with an antioxidant and strengthening effect, invigorating and that will bring the body back into balance. While the aromas envelop the environment, an express facial is performed to leave the face with a persistent sensation of life, freshness and luminosity. We continue our journey with the “Vineyards Pindas”, based on purifying salt and organic aromatic herbs from Pacheca Nature, which combined with massage and sliding techniques, create a pleasant treatment on a physical and sensory level.

Furthermore, the Douro Vineyard treatment (50 min) is a three-step ritual that begins with exfoliation and hydration of the feet, followed by the hands and ending with the head. During the hand and foot massage, the reflex zones are activated and nourished with special grape-based creams. The final head massage leads to an even deeper state of relaxation that will leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Another option for two is the Vineyard Relax for two (90 min) . This regenerating experience begins with a body exfoliation, based on grape seeds, and ends with a relaxing, full-body massage. Exfoliation will stimulate blood circulation, helping to eliminate toxins and impurities. Combined with grape seed extract, rich in flavonoids, it will provide an antioxidant action, improving circulation and strengthening blood vessels. The relaxation massage will enhance and encourage energy circulation between body and mind, through the use and combination of essential oils.

Finally, Pacheca Flowers for two (120 min) is a unique experience. Surrounded by the aromas of the vineyard, and thinking of a “journey” for two through the fields, this ritual begins in the hydromassage bath, with a bath of “flowers”, where the body begins the process of “disconnection” with the outside world. This is followed by a relaxing, moisturizing and delicately scented massage with aromatic candles, which will enhance the perfect connection between body and mind. This magnificent experience ends with a sublime facial, where the hydration and luminosity of the face will be a reflection of the skin and the interior of the body, as a whole. At the end, a “Pacheca Nature” infusion follows.

Body and mind are in perfect harmony at the Vineyard Spa, proving to be the ideal place to relax and experience unique moments of luxury and sophistication. Here, well-being is the priority to make any treatment an unforgettable wine tourism experience.

For more information, please contact us via email: spa@quintadapacheca.com

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