Guide to discover the most beautiful viewpoints in the Alentejo region

Guia para conhecer os mais belos miradouros na região do Alentejo

Portugal is a country rich in natural beauties and full of stunning landscapes, which will leave anyone astonished. Among the magnificent views over the vast plains of the Alentejo region, located in the center-south of Portugal, the viewpoints are true points of attraction, where you can contemplate the Alentejo nature and get to know better one of the most touristic regions of our country.

Starting with the Viewpoint of Monte, located between Amieira and São Marcos do Campo, a great point for contemplating nature, this viewpoint offers a panoramic view over the stunning Alentejo plain, full of vegetation that forms a unique landscape. To go up to the viewpoint, you can walk and enjoy the beautiful view of the region little by little, and is also the ideal attraction for those who love trails in the middle of nature.

The Viewpoint of Terreirinho das Peças, located in the heart of the city of Beja, located in the sub-region of Baixo-Alentejo, offers a breathtaking view over the city. The viewpoint is well located, in a square in the historic center of Beja, close to the Jewish quarter and the castle. This place, which offers panoramic views, should not be missing from the list of tourist attractions for anyone visiting Beja, a city whose foundation goes back to the Celts and Romans, full of history and personality.

In the district of Beja, the Viewpoint of the municipality of Mértola is a true masterpiece. The attraction offers a view over the city and its imposing castle, allowing history lovers to travel back in time. The Viewpoint of Mértola is one of the most emblematic of the Alentejo region, its view does not disappoint either during the day or at night, where you can appreciate the light of the castle highlighted in the heart of the city. This viewpoint is the ideal place to keep memories and unique moments.

The Juromenha Viewpoint, located in the northeast of Alentejo, is characterized by offering a unique view over the region. On site, it is allowed to carry out picnics and leisure activities while enjoying the majestic panoramic view over the Guadiana River and over the medieval fortress of Juromenha, a polygonal model fortress, dating from the 9th century, and privileged by its location, overlooking the territory Portuguese and Spanish.

In the Alentejo parish of Selmes, in the municipality of Vidigueira, the Viewpoint of Alcaria da Serra is one of the most romantic spots in the region. With a heart-shaped frame, the viewpoint offers a view over the beautiful plains of the region, and it is possible to see the immensity of the Alentejo horizon. On site, it is possible to carry out picnics and outdoor activities, and it is also the ideal attraction to enjoy the sunset, since as the sun goes down, the sky takes on golden tones, painting a true visual spectacle.

The Viewpoint of São Bartolomeu do Outeiro, located in the village with the same name, is at the highest point of the village and offers a panoramic view over the Alentejo plains, being possible to see, for example, the Alvito dam, Monte de Trigo and Beja. The viewpoint is located in a place full of history, dating back to the 13th century and providing unique moments for nature lovers.

In Évora, the largest city in the Alentejo region, the Viewpoint of Alto de São Bento offers a breathtaking view over the historic city of Évora. Located on the top of a mountain, from the viewpoint you can enjoy the beautiful view over the Serra de São Mamede, beautiful windmills and breathtaking fields. On site, it is possible to climb the swings and enjoy the panoramic view of one of the most emblematic cities in Portugal.

The Pomarão Viewpoint, located a few minutes from the border with Spain and close to the Chança Dam, has one of the most beautiful views of the Baixo-Alentejo sub-region, where you can see the Portuguese and Spanish hills full of vegetation. The small village of Pomarão, in the municipality of Mértola, is recognized for containing about twenty houses of former miners in the region and an old pier that today portrays the rich history of the region through traces that were left there. The viewpoint is the ideal place for those looking for the perfect balance between peace and nature.

The Alentejo is a region full of personality. To the north, the green fields and plains stand out as a true spectacle of nature, while to the south, the sun and the heat of the Mediterranean climate dominate the medieval towns and cities full of stories that date back to ancient times. The viewpoints, perfect protagonists, create breathtaking views in ideal places for those looking to travel back in time and find tranquility in the middle of nature.

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