Portugal Day: A toast to Portugality!

Dia de Portugal: Um brinde à Portugalidade!

On June 10th, we raise our flags and celebrate Portugal Day, a significant date and a milestone to remember a rich and exciting history. As true ambassadors of the unique identities of our terroirs, the feeling of nationalism floods our hearts and unites each one of us, overflowing with a unique sense of passion for our Portuguese roots.

It is on this day, June 10, that we celebrate Portugal, Camões and Portuguese Communities Day, in honor of our culture and presence in the world. This date is also associated with the death of the poet Luís Vaz de Camões (June 10, 1580), recognized for being one of the most important authors of Portuguese literature. Camões is considered a symbol of our culture, and his poetic talent immortalized the epic of the navigators who expanded Portugal's horizons.

The choice of this date is also due to the fact that Camões, an emblematic figure, whose influence is intrinsically linked to the Discoveries, was used as a symbol to celebrate not only the overseas territories, but also the feeling of belonging to a vast nation. , spread across the four corners of the world. In addition, this day also celebrates the day of the Guardian Angel of Portugal, recognized as the Angel of Peace or Guardian Angel of Portugal, revealed in Fátima to the three little shepherds between April and October 1916.

Every year, this national holiday is celebrated in a different city in the country, where the President of the Republic and members of the State participate in this celebration through various activities, exhibitions, civic parades and military demonstrations, involving the community and keeping this very significant tradition alive. for our people.

In 2015, the celebrations of this day took place at Quinta da Pacheca, through a lunch offered by the Mayor of Lamego, with the illustrious presence of the President of the Republic and members of the State, being a memorable event. The Portuguese flag, hovering over the Quinta's vineyards, created a majestic setting, expressing the passion for our land and for all that it is capable of providing.

This year, the celebrations will take place in the city of Peso da Régua, in the Vila Real district, and located in front of Quinta da Pacheca, which, once again, will have the opportunity to celebrate the national holiday and further strengthen its bond with the local community.

For us Portuguese, the 10th of June has a great meaning, being a day to remember how important our national identity is, as well as honoring our history and recognizing our value as a single people. A unique moment of pride and reflection on the heritage left by our ancestors, in the same way that we celebrate cultural diversity and the importance of the bonds that unite us across borders. Furthermore, it is the day we look back and are filled with pride as we dream of a rich and prosperous future for our country.

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