August in Rosé tones!

Agosto em tons Rosé!

The month of August brings with it the promise of sunny days and mild nights, perfect for enjoying special moments in the company of our loved ones and, of course, good wines. And when it comes to choosing the ideal drink for this summer, there is no more charming and refreshing option than a good rosé wine. With a vibrant color and seductive aromas, wines of this style conquer more and more palates, being a great choice for warmer days.

Its production process can vary, this being an art that seeks to extract the best of the selected grapes, in order to create a light and passionate drink. There are, then, two main methods used in the production of rosés, bleeding and pressing. The sangria technique, which is the most classic method, consists of crushing red grapes. In this case, a part of the red grape must is removed right after the start of fermentation, leaving it in contact with the skins for longer. The must removed with an intense pink color is fermented separately to produce rosé wine. On the other hand, the pressing technique occurs when the grapes, after destemming, are gently and quickly pressed, allowing a more delicate extraction of the pigments from the skins. For this process, the grapes used tend to have less sugar and more acidity, resulting in fresh and vibrant wines.

Furthermore, one of the distinguishing characteristics of rosé wine is its wide range of aromas and flavors. Depending on the selection of grapes and the winemaking method, it is possible to find rosés with fruity notes such as strawberry, cherry, raspberry and currant, as well as light touches of citrus, florals and even subtle spices. In the mouth, they usually have a refreshing acidity and a unique lightness, also being a great gastronomic ally.

For this reason, rosé wines are true treasures when it comes to pairing. Their balanced acidity and delicate aromas make them perfect to accompany typical summer dishes, such as fresh salads, seafood dishes, grilled fish and assorted cheeses. Its versatility is characteristic for several pairings, resulting in great gastronomic experiences.

Our options for this month are centered on three unique rosés, resulting from the passion and hard work to guarantee unique wines full of tradition:

Starting with our Ortigão Colheita Rosé, a pale pink wine from Bairrada with elegant and delicate aromas. In the mouth, it highlights notes of red fruits and reveals an incomparable freshness, as well as good acidity, with a persistent and striking finish. This passionate rosé harmonizes distinctly with aperitifs, seafood and grilled fish, bringing Bairrada's unique terroir to each glass.

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The Pacheca Rosé Touriga Nacional is the translation of the Douro terroir. Produced solely from the native Touriga Nacional grape variety, this rosé is characterized by being a soft, ripe and fruity wine. In addition, it features light layers of strawberry accompanied by an intriguing acidity. Its fullness and balance are characteristic, being a highly versatile wine in gastronomic terms, great to complement fresh and light dishes.

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Our Proprietor Rosé is also not far behind. Born in Dão, this wine is the result of the combination of the Touriga Nacional and Tinta Roriz grape varieties, and its production is subject to the pressing technique. This young wine has good acidity and light aromas of red fruits, being structured, fresh and striking. Its versatility is also characteristic, harmonizing with fish, shellfish or as an aperitif.

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In this month, when temperatures rise and the days get longer, rosé wine is the perfect choice to accompany moments of relaxation and celebration. Experiencing the countless possibilities of harmonization and enjoying its beautiful characteristics is the guarantee of a light and refreshing month.


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