3 ideal wines for this summer

3 vinhos ideais para este verão

Over the centuries, wine has been appreciated in all seasons as one of the most sophisticated and versatile drinks, capable of awakening unique sensory pleasures and transmitting the essence of different terroirs. And when we think of summer, it is inevitable that we do not associate this vibrant and warm time with moments of rest and tranquility by the sea. It is in this scenario that the perfect combination emerges: the wines, each with its own personality, true liquid treasures that further enhance the experience of enjoying summer.

But have you ever wondered why some wines are a great companion for the summer? This factor is due, for example, to the fact that they have a lower alcohol content in the vast majority, making it a light and suitable option for the high temperatures of this season. It can also be associated with the fact that they are extremely fresh and versatile, since, as they have a wide variety of styles, from the most mineral to the most fruity and smooth, they easily adapt to different palates and harmonize with typical meals. summer's.

Within this special selection, one of our wines is ideal to accompany days at the beach and toast with the most special companies. Pacheca Moscatel Galego Branco, an extremely balanced and elegant wine, from the Douro region and produced from the indigenous grape variety Moscatel Galego Branco. This wine has an exuberant aroma with citrus notes and linden flowers and honey. In the mouth, its acidity and minerality stand out, guaranteeing an incomparable freshness. This option goes perfectly with sunny and clear days, with snacks by the sea. Isn't it perfect to be part of a beach day?

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Our second suggestion is to toast with Ortigão Arinto and Bical, perfect for refreshing on the hottest days. Arinto provides the wine with acidity and freshness, while Bical is responsible for adding texture and complexity to this unique blend. In the mouth, the citrus and floral aromas are not far behind, accompanied by light notes of tropical fruits, making it a vibrant and pleasant wine. This wine has a straw yellow color and a high balance on the palate, being the ideal option to enjoy hot days by the pools or even at picnics on the beach, as well as pairing with fresh meals, such as fish and the emblematic octopus à lagareiro.

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For rosé lovers, Caminhos Cruzados Colheita Rosé is the perfect option for this summer. Produced in the Dão wine region, from the Touriga Nacional and Alfrocheiro Preto grape varieties, this wine has a light salmon color and beautiful aromas of red, tropical fruits and a light mineral touch. On the palate, it surprises with vivacity and freshness, and of course, for its perfect balance and acidity. This Rosé is characterized by providing a fine and persistent finish, just as it is very versatile in gastronomic terms.

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These three options are exclusive to guarantee a summer full of freshness and passion! They are perfect choices for toasting the good things in life, moments of togetherness, swimming in the pool or sea, long days and endless nights! In this special selection, in each sip it is possible to enjoy a unique taste experience alongside the ones we love the most. It has never been so easy to know which are the best wines for the hottest days!

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