Discover authentic Port Wine and its styles

Conheça o autêntico Vinho do Porto e os seus estilos

Port Wine is recognized for being Portugal's most emblematic wine, internationally renowned for its elegance and sophistication. It is considered a liqueur wine, originating from the slopes of the Douro, being produced in the Douro Demarcated Region, the oldest region in the world delimited for wine production. Port Wines represent a rich historical heritage of our country, being a collective heritage and the result of hard work, knowledge passed down from generations to generations and, above all, the art and passion of making good wines. Its centuries-old tradition and diversity of styles make this wine a treasure of Portuguese winemaking.

Port Wine differs from other wines due to its unique characteristics, such as its fermentation, which is not completely completed at the beginning, and is then interrupted by the addition of neutral wine-burning water. For this reason, Port wines are naturally sweet, since their sugar does not completely transform into alcohol, also resulting in a wine with a higher alcohol content than common ones, which is between 20º and 22º.

Starting with White Port Wine, characterized by being a wine with a light and limpid color, which varies between pale yellow and golden, with an indication of age and harvest, which are related to the way they are produced. With delicate and unique aromas, this style produced from native Douro white grape varieties reveals fresh touches on the palate, with balanced acidity and persistent flavor, recommended to harmoniously accompany light starters, snacks and seafood-based dishes. White Port Wine, when young, is the ideal option to pair with aperitifs, while the more aged one stands out for being great as a digestive after meals.

Ruby Port Wine is famous for its intense ruby ​​red color, showing vivacity, as it spends 3 to 6 years in barrels. Its aromas are intense and fruity, revealing itself to be full-bodied, with soft tannins and highly balanced acidity. The Ruby style is perfect to be enjoyed after meals, especially with desserts based on chocolate or intense cheese.

The Tawny style has an amber color, which evolves in complexity and flavor as it ages in wooden barrels. The aromas of Tawny Port Wine are remarkably complex, with notes of dried fruits, caramel, nuts and spices such as vanilla and cinnamon. On the palate, it is soft and slightly velvety, with balanced sweetness and excellent acidity. This style is also divided into the indication of age, which can be 10, 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years old, and Reserve. In this case, the more aged this wine is, the more its characteristics will be present.

Among the three main categories mentioned above (White, Ruby and Tawny) there are also some denominations, such as Reserve, Vintage and Late Bottle Vintage (LBV) styles. Vintage Port Wines are considered the pinnacle of quality and are only produced in exceptional vintages. This wine has an intense and opaque color, with powerful aromas of ripe black fruits such as blackberries, combined with floral notes and spices. In the mouth, it is full-bodied, with robust tannins and lively acidity, providing the perfect balance. This style of wine has enormous potential for aging and gradual evolution in the bottle, making it the highest category among Port Wines. It is a sublime choice for special moments and can be stored for decades, evolving and revealing its grandeur over time. Reserve Port Wines are characterized by having fruity notes and a good structure, being the result of a unique selection of Port Wines, resulting in a young and highly versatile wine. And finally, the Wines known as LBV are designated because they are produced based on a single harvest and aged between 4 and 6 years after harvest in oak barrels. Furthermore, before being sold, it rests in the bottle for at least 3 years, resulting in a unique, strong and unmistakable wine.

On a more innovative note, Rosé Port Wines have a delicate pink color, as well as fresh and fruity aromas, with emphasis on red fruits such as strawberries and raspberries. In the mouth, it is balanced, with vibrant acidity and an engaging fruity flavor. These wines are produced from red grape varieties common for the manufacture of Port Wines. During its evolution process, the wine evolves in stainless steel vats, allowing the result to present incomparable freshness. This style is versatile and modern, harmoniously accompanying fresh fish dishes, salads and desserts, making it the ideal option to enjoy on warmer days.

Port Wines and their categories represent a true celebration of diversity, tradition and oenological excellence. From delicate freshness to complex intensity, each style offers a unique sensory experience. The different aging periods, both in bottles and in wooden barrels or stainless steel vats, present layers of complexity and richness. Enjoying these wines that are true Portuguese treasures and appreciating all the history that surrounds each sip is an opportunity to elegantly engage with one of our country's most honored traditions, resulting in an unforgettable gustatory journey.

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